Thursday, April 7, 2011

MDS Thursday: Masking Stamps

My Digital Studio has so many wonderful stamp sets, but sometimes you just want to use part of the stamp.  In traditional stamping you can block the parts you don't want with a mask (usually a piece of paper to block the ink).  How do you mask in MDS?  Well, you use punches.

Here is the page I created by masking some of the stamp:

The stamp set I used was the Nursery Necessities.

I like the little cutie title but I didn't want it in a straight line. So of course the mind starts going.  How can I erase what I don't want? So I figured I could use punches as coves, or masks, to hide what I don't want to see.

First, I stamped, enlarged, and added a drop shadow, then I copied (ctrl C) and pasted (ctrl V).  Now I have two of the same stamp.

When I was done editing the stamps, I moved them to where I wanted the title.

After I moved the stamps, I selected the square punch from the Resource Palette.  I resized the punch, copied (ctrl C) and pasted (ctrl V), and created two boxes.  Then I moved them to cover the parts of the stamp I do not want to see.

 I want the punch to blend into the background so I am going to use the Color Fill option in the Design Center (see red circle).  I am choosing white because I have a white background.

And Ta Da!!!!  You have "hidden" the stamp.

Go give it a try.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Check out my tree that I made using this technique.

  2. Great job and a great page. TFS

  3. That is amazing! I have the digital studio and just can't figure it out. So I love what you have done and your easy to understand steps. TFS!

  4. Thanks. MDS is quickly becoming an addiction, lol.


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