Thursday, February 3, 2011

MDS Thursday: Fake it Til You Make It > Rounded Corner

I found this sketch in a magazine and decided to recreate it using MDS.

For the most part it was pretty self explanatory.  The only trick I used was when I wanted to recreate the curved edge on the top banner.

Here is how I faked a curved corner on the banner.

I started by adding the round corner punch to the page.

I enlarged the punch and place it where I wanted it.  Then I added a square punch, enlarged it, and placed it next to the corner punch.

Use the paper fill to add a paper.  This fake works best with a busy paper, so you don't have to match the seams, however if your patient it can work with any DSP.

Choose the same DSP for the paper fill of the round corner punch.

You can double click on the punch, then move the paper around until you find a good match where the seams don't show.  

To move the paper around> hold down the left mouse button and move around the page.  It's actually very cool to know you can pick any section of the paper.

And Ta Da!!!  Fake rounded corner.

Go give it a try.  Thanks for looking.


  1. Thanks for the class last night. Looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I'll have a laptop by then. I've been looking at refurbished MacBooks all day.

  2. Dear Jessica. I found you blog through SU connection. So glad I found it.. you seem to know more about the My Digital Studio than me :) So I added myself as a follower to your blog. Thanks for sharing your ideas and advise. I so appreciate it. Thanks so so much.

    You're welcome to take a peek at my blog as well. I would love to have you visit:
    Here is my link:

    I am mostly a card maker.. I don't think that I can teach you a whole lot.. you're so talented as well :) But again.. love to have you visit.

    Inky hus, Pauline


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