Thursday, March 10, 2011

MDS Thursday: Drop Shadow

This week was my friend (and upline) Cindy's birthday, so I decided to use MDS to make her a birthday card.

Here is the card I made and emailed her:

This card was fun to make because it gave me a chance to play with drop shadow.  It was interesting to find out the different looks you can get using the drop shadow feature in MDS.  Drop shadow works the same way for stamps, photo boxes, embellishments and punches, so once you learn it you learn it for many things.

First, I choose a stamp.  This one is from the Together Forever SS.  Then choose the Drop Shadow box in the Design Center, see red circle.

When the Drop Shadow window opens you can change the Opacity, Blur, and Color of the Drop Shadow. (see red circles) The changes you make can be seen in the box where the stamp is displayed.

NOW THIS IS THE REALLY COOL PART!!!    Hold down your pointer in the display box and you can move, yes move the shadow around. (see red circle) It's awesome!!!!!

Once you have placed the shadow where you like, click ok.

And Ta Da!!!!!  You have a shadow.  It looks like you are sponging the edges.

To create the shadow on the other side, I copied and pasted ( in place, not off set) the stamp and just moved the shadow to the other side of the stamp.

Go give it a try.  Thanks for looking.

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