Thursday, March 3, 2011

MDS Thursday: Man That Was Easy: Creating an Embossed Look.

When I create cards or scrappages, I sometimes like to create embossed backgrounds. I wanted to do that on this basketball page for my son. Usually, I just grab my stamp set, versamark ink pad, and clear embossing powder and stamp away, but how do I create that digitally.

It was SO easy, I had to share.

Here is the page I created:

I used the All Star stamp to create an emboosed look on the background of the page.
Here is how I did it:

 Start by choosing a background color.  I am using Baja Breeze.

Then choose a stamp.  I am using the All Star stamp in the Sporting Stamp Set.

I resized the stamp and then clicked on Change Color in the Design Center.  I choose the same Baja Breeze as the background.

 Your stamp will disappear into the background.  Go to the Design Center and click on the Drop Shadow.  Set the Blur to none, the Opacity to about 50, and the color should stay black.  Click OK.

(Feel free to play with opacity setting to create different depth.)

And TA DA!!!!! It looks like you embossed the stamp.

Here is another background I created for my son's scrapbook.

Go give it a try.  Thanks for looking.

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