Thursday, May 19, 2011

MDS Thursday: Photo Box Effects

I am still focusing on the photo box feature of My Digital Studio.  This week I was playing with the photo effects and dicovered how easy it is to create black and white photos.

Here is my page:

I love that I was able to make the picture black and white without editing them in another program (which is what I usually do)

"How did I do it?" you ask.  Well . . .

Here is my original page:

When I was done with the page, I thought it's nice but I want something more.  I wanted that "Wow, you did that" moment. 

As I looked on the page, I noticed an icon I had never pressed before.  It was the Photo Effects icon, so I pressed it. (see red circles)

Imagine my excitement when I read, black and white, sepia, blue, etc...  I clicked every one of them.
   After looking at all the options, I decided on black and white.

And Ta Da!!!!! Black and white picture.

This page will be a hybrid page, so it is not finished.  I will add ribbon and journaling when I print it.

Thanks for looking.

(Don't worry I will not ignore the other effects, I already have layouts in my head for them, he, he, he )


  1. I love your page. Baby adorable. I like the black and white too.

  2. You have a beautiful blog - keep on blogging! Hope to see you on chat again real soon!


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