Thursday, January 20, 2011

MDS Thursday: How to Make a Snowman

As promised here is the snowman from last week :)

Here is the 8 1/2 x 11 page I made.

It seems like a lot of steps but it's really easy, I promise.

Start by creating and resizing three white circles.

Using the drop shadow function (see red circles) create a black shadow to give the circle dimension.

Stack the circles together.

Using the stamp tool from the menu bar, search for arm  (see red circle) or use the All in the Family SS.

Resize the arms and send them backyard one layer.

It helps, at this point, to group the objects together.  It makes the snowman easier to move.

Creating the face was the most time consuming part.  I made the circles for the eyes and mouth directly on the face.  It was hard to resize them and then move them.

I needed a triangle for a nose.  First I looked for a carrot stamp, turns out we don't have one.  Then I looked for a nose, big fat negative on that too.  Finally I found a beak in the Good Friends SS.  Figured it was time to get creative, after all it's a snowman not a snowbird.

First make sure to bring the eyes to the front layer, then place the beak where the nose should be, and send it back one layer. Then to hide the upper part of the beak, I placed a small white oval over the excess part, and sent it bakward one layer.  Ta Da!! a  "carrot" nose!!

At this point I grouped everything together again, again it makes it easier to move.

Ta da!!!  You made a snowman!!!!!

You can leave him as is or add a little something extra.  I added a little hat on the final product.

Give it a try!  Thanks for looking!

How to Group items (see also How to build a Flower)

To group the stamped images:

1. make sure the three stamped images are highlighted
2. go to the Arrange tab in the menu bar
3. press Group (see red circle)


  1. Thanks for sharing. The grouping is new to me. I really hope SU does another certification for MDS.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing how to make a snowman on MDS! :)

  3. Love the page. Adding my thanks for sharing how to make a snowman on MDS.


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