Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cookies Gable Box

I went to an event with my stamping friends in November called Stamping in the Woods.  It was two days of non stop stamping and creating.  It was a great time.  One of the things we learned to make was a gable box.

Cookie Gift Box

I used that same design to create my cookie gift box.

2- 8" x 10" pieces, scored and cut

Because I was putting cookies in the box, the first thing I did was line the box with wax paper.

Once that was done I cut two pieces of paper 8' x 10'.
Then I scored it 1 3/4 in on three sides and 2 1/2 in on one side.
Finally I cut the corners off one of the pieces of card stock.

Punched a handle in the 2 1/2" space

Using the scallop punch, I created handles in the 2 1/2" section.  I did this at the same time so that the handles matched.  Meaning both papers one on the other.

Top Note Window

Using the Top Note die and the Big Shot Machine, I created a window.  I had to fold the panel over so that it fit.  It didn't effect the construction of the box.  There was still plenty of room to put sticky strip.

  Then I used sticky strip to attach the clear window.

I attached the bottom.

Then I attached the sides.  This is where I was worried the Top Note took off to much paper, but it wasn't a problem.

Then I decorated the box.

Ta da!!!  All done.

Give it a try!  Thanks for looking.

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  1. Jessica the blog looks great. i am going to have to steal your button for Stampin Up! I was wondering hot to put a button on there. Is your header from MDS? Check me out on my blog please!


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