Thursday, December 9, 2010

MDS Thursday: Paper Fill in Punches

So, I thinking that Thursday is a good day to show a technique I learned using MDS. This week I used the paper fill in punches.

Scrapbook page using punches paper fill

I wanted something other than squares, and punches gives that option.  Punches are great when you want to use shapes on your page.

Add punch to page

If you have seen some of previous post you know that I LOVE circles.  So, of course, I picked the circle punch.

Resize and place in position

I wanted a half circle so I enlarged the circle and moved so only half the circle the circle appeared on the page.  Then I clicked on the paper fill option (see orange circle)

Choose paper and click ok

I chose the paper from the Designer Kits.  Candy Cane Lane (# 122177) is quickly becoming my favorite download.

Punch after the paper fill

When I saw the paper in the punch, I was like Whoa!!! that's big.  So I started thinking, there has to be a way to crop this.  Well there isn't, BUT you can resize the paper. (see orange circle)

Resize window

When you click on the Resize icon this window will open.  You want to click on the zoom out button ( see orange circle).  The more you click it the small the paper fill will get. ( Be careful not to go to far or you'll end up with empty space.)

Here is the paper fill after several clicks

Once you have the paper as you'd like to see it on your page, click ok (see orange circle).

Here is the punch after the resized paper fill

And ta da! You have a better looking paper.

Paper fill in photo boxes works differently but still can be done.

Resizing paper fill in photo boxes
In the photo box, once you have dragged the paper into the photo box, you use the zoom in/zoom out buttons to change the paper fill. (see orange circle) 

Give it a try.  Thanks for looking.

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  1. Great Tutorial! Looking forward to seeing more. I've also added your links to my own MDS tip sheet. New users need all the help they can get - LOL! Thanks for sharing your expertise.


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